Quail Gas Line Services

  • Gas line Installation: Residential homes, Commercial buildings, Restaurants, Warehouses, Landscaping, Public buildings and Government buildings.
  • Gas Pipe Repair: Repair old gas lines or replace gas lines with modern piping.
  • New Construction: Gas line installations for new apartments, condominiums, house
  • Appliance gas line installation: Water heater, BBQ, fire pits, Tiki Torches, fireplaces, cooktops, accessories, gas heaters, water heaters, and other gas appliance installations.

Propane Tank Installation

Quail Plumbing installs all types of propane systems. Propane tanks are provided depending on our customers’ needs. We carry different sizes and styles of tanks for Installation. We install range from (2) 23 gallon tanks that supply small outdoor needs to a 1000 gallon tank that supplies all propane needs on your property including your house.

Gas Line Locating and Leak Detection

Buried utilities lines can existing anywhere you can dig. Underground private natural gas lines should be located prior to any digging taking place on your job site. Think safety, utilizing a gas line locating company can save lives, save you time and eliminate potential damages. Quail Plumbing can locate buried natural gas lines in Arizona.

Gas leak detection is another service that Quail Plumbing provides. If you smell natural gas or think you might have the potential for a natural gas leak contact us today. We are here to provide our customers with a safe, reliable, cost effective solution.

Did you know?

  • Any gas line installation or repair requires a permit before any work can be done.
  • Natural gas has a “rotten egg” order that warns of a gas leak.
  • If a natural gas line is damaged when digging outside of the home, call your local gas utility company immediately.