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Paradise Valley is home to no less than 12 resorts and some of the most expensive homes outside of Beverly Hills. Wealth is a wonderful thing, but a clogged toilet is the same problem for all of us. If there are several bathrooms in the house it’s not an urgent situation, but it will have to be fixed sooner or later. Calling a Paradise Valley toilet repair specialist like Quail Plumbing is one of the quickest ways to get that done.

You’re thinking there is no reason to panic, and you start with a plunger. If the toilet bowl is already full, putting a plunger in will cause spillage and unless you are prepared with a mop, paper towels and bathroom cleaner you could have a real mess on your bathroom floor. And, what if you have carpet….let’s not go there. How about some liquid drain cleaner, wouldn’t that work? Liquid drain opener can eat through hair, toilet tissue, food clogs and if you get it on you or the floor you might need medical attention.

Ask any Paradise Valley plumber and he’ll tell you there are a few techniques to try before calling a plumber. The first and easiest step is to wait. Many clogs will work themselves out in time. If there is no water in the bowl, give it one flush to bring the water back to a normal level. More often than not the weight of the water itself will be enough to push the clog through. If the bowl is already full don’t flush; there will be overflows. You could also try hot water and dish soap. Just like you put soap on your finger to get a ring off, the soap will act as a lubricant and move the clog down the pipes.

There is no convenient time to get a clogged toilet. It always seems to happen just before a party or when your boss is coming for dinner. With patience and a few basic tools, you will be back in business in no time. If you can’t get it unclogged yourself, call us here at Quail Plumbing and we’ll get it done for you.

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