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Winter Plumbing in Arizona

Plumbing maintenance for winter in Arizona is relatively low key. The chances of frozen pipes or other plumbing issues due to harsh winters are low in Arizona. That said, there are a few things you should consider keeping an eye on during the chilly cold season months. Why is Plumbing Maintenance for Winter Important? We’re…

dishwasher installation

Like any task, the devil is in the details, and the same applies to a dishwasher installation. Even experienced do it yourselfers will tell you that it’s not an easy process.  If you’re considering installing your dishwasher yourself, the following information will help. Dishwasher Installation Steps Step 1 Cut the power to the circuit, shut…

water shutoff valves

Would you know where to find the water shutoff valves in your home if you were suddenly faced with an emergency? A lot of people don’t have any idea. The last thing you want to do it wait until you’re facing a plumbing catastrophe to figure it out. There might come a time when you’ll…

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