November 2016 - Quail Plumbing

It’s not unusual for plumbing to make noises. However, some sounds signal more to be concerned about than others and can be signs of problems that can become devastating if they aren’t addressed immediately. Following are few of the most common plumbing noises and signals that you should be aware of. Grumbling Noises Coming from…

Toilet Repair

We count on our toilets to work every day, and you probably don’t give them much thought until something goes wrong. Unfortunately, the parts inside the toilet tank will eventually fail and need your attention. However, there are warning signs that allow you to catch some toilet problems early before they become expensive toilet repairs.  Following are three signs to watch for. Constantly Running Toilet A toilet that is constantly running usually has a worn out or damaged flapper,…

Standard Plumbing

Just stop by your local home improvement store over the weekend and you’ll see just how popular standard plumbing DIY projects have become. More and more people are looking for ways to cut home improvement plumbing costs. While there are a lot of jobs that are better left to qualified plumbers, there are standard plumbing…

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