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Toilet Installation

We recently completed a toilet installation in a client’s home where the toilet wasn’t securely attached to the drain hole. Our customer had been using the toilet for over ten years, and I was surprised to see that the leak she called about was the first one she’d had. She had purchased the house with…

Toilet Repair

We count on our toilets to work every day, and you probably don’t give them much thought until something goes wrong. Unfortunately, the parts inside the toilet tank will eventually fail and need your attention. However, there are warning signs that allow you to catch some toilet problems early before they become expensive toilet repairs.  Following are three signs to watch for. Constantly Running Toilet A toilet that is constantly running usually has a worn out or damaged flapper,…

Toilet Drain

Oh, those dreaded toilet drain problems. You know what I’m talking about. You flush the toilet and watch the water start to rise up to the rim, or worse, over the rim and onto the floor. What a mess! If you are up to the task of dealing with this fairly common plumbing problem yourself,…

How to Unclog a Toilet

Dealing with a clogged toilet? What a messy job! The good news is that, while it’s definitely not a fun job, with a little practice, you can get most clogged toilets up and running in minutes, without flooding your bathroom. Above all, don’t try to unclog the toilet by flushing it over and over again….

leaky toilet

A toilet seems simple enough. You look inside and it appears that the system that flushes the toilet is relatively basic. What happens when the toilet water keeps running or runs intermittently? You might have a leaky toilet and it’s likely that you’re using more water than you’d expect. You could be wasting as much…

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