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Sometimes you want to try a DIY plumbing project before calling a professional. DIY plumbing projects can save you money if you have the time and the patience to get the work done right. The first step is knowing what you have the patience for and when you need to hire help. Easy DIY Plumbing…

leaky toilet

A toilet seems simple enough. You look inside and it appears that the system that flushes the toilet is relatively basic. What happens when the toilet water keeps running or runs intermittently? You might have a leaky toilet and it’s likely that you’re using more water than you’d expect. You could be wasting as much…

emergency plumbing repair

A lot of service companies have gone to providing 24/7 service and have profited from it. More and more families have both parents working and with after school activities such as sports, scouts and music lessons, the family really doesn’t have time to worry about what is going on at home. When did the air…

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