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You took your rings off to let them soak in cleaning solution. As you are cleaning the phone rings and it’s your neighbor; she needs two eggs. You meet your neighbor at the fence, deliver the eggs and after a quick chat you head back inside. Your toddler is standing over the sink with the container that used to hold your rings. You get a gut feeling your rings aren’t in the container anymore. You ask your toddler where Mommy’s rings are and he points down the drain and smiles. It’s time to call a Chandler Plumber.

It’s time for dinner and you don’t have the luxury of another kitchen sink. Its 6 pm and who is going to come and fix this problem now without charging more than the rings are worth. Plumbing companies that provide service around the clock are becoming more common place, but they can still be hard to find when you need them. Most families are very busy and they don’t all get together until after work and that’s when issues arise. That’s why we make ourselves available 24 hours a day.

Plumbers are occasionally called to rescue jewelry, toys and other objects out of the drink. If the missing object hasn’t been washed into the city sewer system you’re probably in pretty good shape. It’s a simple matter of removing drain pipes and reaching into them and with a little luck he will find your missing treasures. It may not seem easy for you, but for a Phoenix licensed plumber like Quail Plumbing it is a breeze. If you have small children or you consider yourself on the clumsy side, ask the plumber to put traps in the drain. The trap will do just that, it will trap or prevent small items from going down the drain.

It is almost inevitable that at some point in time something of value will go down the drain. Don’t despair, cover the drain with a towel and call for one of our licensed plumbers. We will be happy to come out and liberate your valuables from the drain. Plumbers know how you feel about these trinkets and we will do everything possible to retrieve them for you.

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