Water is a precious commodity in the Phoenix area and most people are willing to do their part to conserve it. Many times this means shorter showers, running the dishwasher only when it’s full and keeping watering your garden to a minimum. If you own an older home you may want to consider updating your shower heads, toilets and other water saving apparatus. A licensed plumber can install all that and more. The plumber Mesa homeowners call most often is Quail Plumbing.

The planet in general has embraced the ‘go green’ concept. You see hotels offering you the reuse of bed and bathroom linens, businesses either recycling or re-purposing their raw materials and the average American replacing old toilets with water saving models. Many parents are instructing their children to turn off the water while brushing their teeth and washing their hair. There are new close washers that can save as much as twenty gallons per load. When it’s time to replace your washing machine, consider one of the ‘Energy Star’ models.

Plumbers are an intricate key to helping the water reserves this planet has. Consider having a Mesa plumber from Quail come to your home and give you an estimate on replacing your old dishwasher with a new more efficient model. We can install water saving shower heads and faucets. Replace older water softeners with newer models and keep them at a minimum number of refills each week. We’ll also check for undetected leaks around your house or property. If your water bill is exceptionally high, let our plumbers look around to see if there is a hidden slab leak. That detection could save you money and prevent having to dig up your yard.

Your plumber can help you ‘go green’ with suggestions on how to improve your existing appliances or help you choose the most efficient piece of equipment for your needs. There are hundreds of ways to save water at home and most of them don’t require much effort. This planet is our home and it’s everyone’s responsibility to help conserve what resources we have. Saving water is everyone’s responsibility.

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