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When you call a plumber and tell him you have a clogged drain; be prepared for a lot of questions. Where is the clog, when did it start, what sink or toilet in your house is clogged, has it backed up into any other drains in the house? These are questions a plumbing professional will ask. If you live in the Phoenix area, calling a Scottsdale Drain Cleaning crew is much wiser than trying to do it yourself. Taking the drain apart might seem easy; it’s putting all the pipes back into place without a leak that tends to be the challenge.

Do it yourselfers will often try to unclog a drain by themselves. Unknowingly they may do more harm than good. Many liquid drain cleaners can harm your plumbing or septic systems. Harsh chemicals existing in most liquid cleaners can dissolve pipes causing more and costly problems than just unclogging a drain. There is added hazard that the liquid cleaner won’t clean the clog completely and allow more material to get caught up in the blockage before.

Your home could have a clog and you may not be able to recognize it until it is too late. Some symptoms of a potential drain clog are slow to drain tubs, showers and sinks. If water or sewage backs up into another drain then there is a mainline clog which needs attention immediately. When this happens you are gambling with several health concerns. If the water backs up into the yard it becomes a breeding ground for waterborne illnesses and mosquitoes. If you suspect your home or business has slow to drain sinks and pipes it is best to get it looked at by a Phoenix licensed plumber.

Clogged drains may seem like just an annoyance at first, but if it goes unchecked for too long the consequences could be far reaching and expensive. At the first sign of a clogged drain, get a professional in to examine the situation. The plumbers here at Quail Plumbing have the expertise and the tools to take care of the situation before it gets out of hand. Give us a call to learn more.

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