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What do you do when the leak is under the house or beneath the pool? This is a one of homeowners’ worst nightmares. Slab leaks are difficult to detect and can end up costing you thousands of dollars in excess water bills that you won’t have any idea are not normal. In most cases where we’ve detected and repaired them in the past, the homeowner was so shocked at their next bill that they thought a mistake was made. These hidden leaks sometimes drip slowly, but the bills add up quick. Our Phoenix slab leak detection service can help you avoid that.

Here in Arizona, everyone has a pool, a deck, or both. Homes are built on concrete slabs and rarely have much in the way of basements or crawl spaces, so it’s not like other parts of the country where you know you have leaks if there are pools of water on the cellar floor. Our homeowners only find out they have leaks when they see they’re water bill go up, and even that is no guarantee that they’ll call a plumber. Most folks just cuss out the water company and pay the bill, thinking its just business as usual. Don’t fall into that trap. If your bill is high, call us.

As a Phoenix plumbing contractor, we are able to fix, repair, and install all elements of your plumbing system. We do general maintenance and troubleshooting for our customers on a regular basis. One of the things we check for during those procedures is slab leaks. Others are poor water pressure, air getting into your pipes, and clogged drains. We also make sure that your house is always up to code on all its plumbing, as the laws change from time to time and certain fixtures or appliances need to be replaced. We’ll let you know which ones and where to get them.

Who is your current Phoenix plumber? Are they able to offer you the same services we do? Are you satisfied with their work and their prices? We’re willing to bet you’re unhappy with at least one of those things because you’re reading this post right now. Give us a call. It can’t hurt to ask a few questions and you might just like what you hear. We would be honored to take you on as our newest customer.

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