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If you are a general contractor and have to find an affordable, dependable Phoenix Plumbing Contractor you need to know what questions to ask. When you build or renovate a home or office building, you need to get it done properly, affordably, and in a timely fashion. As part of that process, there are certain questions you need to ask your plumbing contractor. If any of these questions are not answered to your satisfaction then you might need to find someone else. The plumbing is a critical part of the building process, so you can’t afford to cut corners on it.

How long will the plumbing portion of the building take? Most general contractors know time is money and when you pay a plumber it is by the hour. It’s only fair to let them see exactly what’s involved in a project before any timeline is determined. Ask the plumber what happens if he can’t build or repair the job that is being done. Does he have a backup plan? What if one of your staff gets sick? Will it affect how and when the job is done? Is their staff sufficient to handle the job or do they need more manpower?

Ask the prospective Phoenix Plumber if they have insurance. This question seems like a no-brainer and should be answered with a resounding ‘Yes’, but that’s not always the case. There are several types of insurance they should have. Do they have insurance in case something breaks or doesn’t work correctly? Do you have insurance if a crew member of yours gets hurt? Ask about references. A plumbing contractor should be proud of everything they have done and will be happy to give the names and contact information of the people he has worked with and for. Go and see the work that has been done if you can. It will put your mind at ease.

Finally, are they willing to give you a warranty in writing? We don’t like to think about it, but litigation is always a possibility. Always get it in writing in case something does go wrong. At the end of the day you will be glad you requested what you did. It’s a pleasure to work with someone who does a good day’s work and can back up any promises they make. Quail Plumbing is of course one of them, and we can answer all of the questions asked here in a satisfactory manner. We are the plumbing contractor you want, but you’re welcome to survey our competitors first if you like. We’re confident that you’ll come back to us after you hear their answers to these questions.

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