Proper leak detection in a timely fashion with prompt repair is essential to minimizing the damage to your home or office that leaks can cause. Damage can include cracks in your foundation, cracks in walls and ceilings, damage , drywall, flooring, cabinets, carpet, furniture, and personal possessions.

How to Tell Where You Have Leaks

Trained technicians can determine the location of many water leaks by electronically locating the damaged source, without the need of trial-and-error approaches that typically involve tearing up the property. This can save thousands of dollars in costly repairs and much less disruption to day-to-day activities.

Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks 

Leaks often occur in the kitchen and bathrooms around the sink area, including the sink rim, supply leaks under the sink, and drain leaks. Kitchen sink leaks can damage your cabinetry and countertops.

Look for puddles, dampness, or water stains inside cabinets, or loose laminate or tiling near the sink. Also check for a loose faucet base and deteriorating caulk around the sink, as well as any dank smells. If the sink is on an upper floor, check for water stains on the ceiling below.

Once the leak has been detected, your plumber can discuss, repair options to help you make the best, most affordable decision for repairs. Prompt attention to leaks can save you thousands of dollars later!

We can perform comprehensive leak detection services on your plumbing and recommend the best options based on your budget. We are highly trained with courteous staff and years of experience. Give us a call today.

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