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Interviewing a Phoenix plumbing contractor is essential when you have a major plumbing job that needs to be done. You have to make sure they know what they are talking about, and you want to make sure that you feel good about working with them.

It can be hard to know exactly what to say when you’re interviewing a plumbing contractor from Phoenix, especially if you’re intimidated or don’t know much about the specifics of the job. Fortunately, there are four easy questions to ask that will help you choose the right Phoenix plumbing contractor.

How Long Have You Been a Phoenix Plumbing Contractor?

Local experience is a big deal for any contractor that you’re considering hiring, especially in plumbing. Make sure the plumbing contractor you choose has a lot of experience in the Phoenix area. You don’t want to be a victim of a fly-by-night contractor who does poor work and then leaves the area with your money, never to be seen again.

A good Phoenix plumbing contractor will have a physical location in the area, and preferably many years of experience working with Phoenix homes and businesses. A lack of experience could mean you have a hard time finding references or end up with poor workmanship. Which brings us to our next question…

Who Have You Worked With That I Can Talk To?

Getting references is vital if you want to choose the best Phoenix plumbing contractor available. They should be quick to provide you with a list of references. If they don’t have one or seem offended that you asked, that’s a major red flag! The list should include people in the local area that they have worked with recently. Ask for a current list if the service dates occurred more than a year ago.

You can also go online to find out more about the plumbing contractor’s reputation, but you’ll need to be careful. Don’t let one online review, good or bad, sway you one way or the other. If you see a trend of negative reviews or concerns, you’ll want to choose another plumber.

How Much Experience Do You Have With This Plumbing Issue?

Plumbing is a wide field, and not all Phoenix plumbing contractors have the same levels of experience with different issues. Ask the contractor what kinds of repairs they do most often and how long it’s been since they handled a repair like yours. You can also ask about the repair process and timeline to get a sense of how confident they are about the job.

A shop that generally handles routine repairs and hasn’t had an issue like yours in over a year may be a great place for a small job, but not a major one. You should look for a plumbing contractor with more experience in larger, more complex repairs.

What Credentials and Training Do You Have?

Pay attention to their confidence as they provide the answer to this question. You may not know the exact certifications they mention, but they should know exactly what to say and not have any hesitation. In addition, make sure they aren’t offended by the question. Those who protest questions about their experience are probably hiding something.

They should be able to provide their license number to you, which in Phoenix, Arizona will have six digits. You can validate their license on the State of Arizona’s Registrar of Contractors search page. This will give you the confidence that the plumbing contractor is appropriately licensed for the work.

Choosing a plumbing contractor for a big job can seem overwhelming, but with these four simple questions, you’ll be ready to interview candidates. When you find someone with great experience, great references, familiarity with the specific repair, and great credentials, you’ve found a quality Phoenix plumbing contractor.

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