Master Plumber

Something as simple as swapping out a pipe fitting (under a dollar for the part) to fix leak can easily end up saving you thousands in water damage and avoid a major disruption in your household for weeks. This is why hiring a licensed and insured master plumber is a no-brainer. The important thing to remember is that not all plumbers have the experience and expertise it takes to perform all types of work. There are two categories when it comes to plumbers – those that can handle basic repairs and master plumbers who have the training and experience necessary to handle any plumbing project successfully.

How Does a Master Plumber Differ from a Licensed Plumber?

Master Plumber

A master plumber in Arizona is a highly skilled expert, differing from a regular plumber primarily because of their level of experience and the fact that they’ve earned the master plumber designation and have been licensed and certified by the state as such. Master plumbers have a higher level of skill than regular plumbers, and their expertise includes repair and maintenance of both outdoor and indoor plumbing. They also have extensive knowledge of codes and regulations at the federal and state level. Master plumbers, similar to other professionals, sometimes choose to specialize in a specific area of plumbing. Because of their expert designation, they are often hired to perform the design and installation of sophisticated plumbing systems on construction sites.


Becoming a plumber typically includes three key steps. Aspiring plumbers usually start as apprentices, with the next step being to progress to journeymen after spending state-mandated years of on the job work experience. To move on to the third step, becoming a master plumber (the highest level), requires experience as a journeyman plumber. A plumber with a journeyman’s license will need to work under a master plumber in Arizona for a minimum of four years before they are able to take the test to earn a master plumber standing. The plumber will need to prove their ability to work on major, comprehensive projects and will also be tested on their knowledge of federal and state codes of practice.

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