Consider Your Needs

Your needs may be as simple as having safe, tasty drinking water. Phoenix residents have hard water that contains a variety of minerals that cause build-up on fixtures, appliances and dishes. Softening hard water or removing calcium carbonate or chlorine greatly improves water quality.


Set a Budget

An investment in a water purification system is an investment in the health of your family. Choose a system within your budget that clears the contaminants you’re most concerned about.


Select a Water Purifier

Reverse Osmosis (RO) or Ultra Violet (UV) water purifiers are the most popular choices among Phoenix residents. Both options have low maintenance requirements.

RO water purifiers use a membrane to remove contaminants from the water. They filter harmful arsenic, heavy metals and asbestos, but also filter fluoride, which helps reduce cavities. If you choose this type of water purifier, be sure to talk to your doctor or dentist about adding a supplement to your daily routine.

The UV system uses UV light energy to kill bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi. Water is disinfected and purified as it passes the light chamber, making the rate of water flow faster than an RO system. They are generally low maintenance, requiring a lightbulb change approximately once a year.


Install the Water Purifier

At first glance it might seem that installing a water purification system yourself will save you money. However, improper installation could cause problems later down the line. The best option is to hire a qualified plumber like Scottsdale Plumbing who understands purification systems, plumbing and electrical requirements.


Call the Quail Plumbing professionals at 480-945-6676 to install the best water purifier for your needs and budget.

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