Plumbing is easily the most complex facet of kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects and every city has its own plumbing code. The City of Phoenix uses International and Uniform Plumbing Code with a few amendments. The Phoenix Plumbing Code is intended to reflect the latest in technology and safety measures and following it will help reduce your risk of unhealthy and potentially dangerous conditions.

The Uniform Plumbing Code

The National Uniform Plumbing Code is applicable to the entire country however you’re also required to adhere to local codes that may be more stringent. If you’re planning a remodeling project, you can request information from your city’s planning and development department. They may require you to purchase the Uniform Plumbing Code or reference it at the library. In order to comply, you’ll need to have your building or remodeling plans approved up front and carry out all of the work to the satisfaction of the inspector.

Why are Plumbing Codes Important?

Plumbing codes are designed to protect consumers from poor plumbing or the inferior building practices of contractors. Water is one of the most important elements required for survival and having access to the best water possible is essential for healthy living.

Although you may not realize it, being non-compliant with plumbing codes can have a significant effect on your health and finances. Especially when non-compliance results in the development of mold, noxious fumes, damage to the home’s foundation, and insurance claim denials.

The City of Phoenix Plumbing Code

The Universal Plumbing Code (UPC) has established minimum requirements and standards in place for the protection of the public’s safety, health and welfare. The provisions covered by the code apply to the construction, installation, repair, alteration, replacement, relocation, additions, use and maintenance of plumbing systems that fall within its jurisdiction. The City of Phoenix uses the UPC, with the exception of the amendment, dated May 15, 2013, located here.

Compliance with City of Phoenix Plumbing Code

It’s important to comply with the city’s plumbing code. Typical compliance violations include, but aren’t limited to, performing renovations without having a permit, not testing older materials for lead and Asbestos, and carrying out illegal plumbing procedures. City of Phoenix inspectors won’t approve plumbing projects unless all of the codes are met.

The City of Phoenix plumbing codes (and plumbing codes in general), help keep you and your family safe. Before you hire a plumber, it’s important that you ensure that they’re licensed and that they adhere to the code.

  1. Avatar for Kendra
    January 9, 2017

    Hi, what does one do when their builder was NOT to code (308.5) which caused leaking and toxic mold?
    I’ve not found a lawyer and three other homes in our new neighborhood (11mos old home) have the same problem.

    Thanks for your guidance!


    • Avatar for quail
      January 30, 2017

      Hi Kendra! Thanks for your comment. We don’t provide legal advice, but can talk to you about the leaks. Give us a call!

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